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How to raise piglets during lactation?


The feeding and management of piglets during the lactation period must be solid, and try to avoid the problems of poor growth and development, thinness and mortality of the piglets. If we want suckling piglets to grow healthily and well, we must carry out scientific feeding and management. When necessary, the following four points are also very important and cannot be ignored.

1. Suckling piglet colostrum
In the embryonic stage of the piglet, the fetus is separated from the mother's blood vessels by 6 layers of tissue, which restricts the passage of maternal antibodies into the fetus through the blood. Therefore, piglets have no innate immunity after birth. In addition, the piglet's own immune system has not been fully developed and cannot effectively produce antibodies. This time is when the piglets are ** weak. If the foreign antibodies cannot be obtained in time, the survival rate of the piglets is extremely high. low.
The colostrum of sows contains immune antibodies—immunoglobulin, which is the basis for the survival of piglets. However, the content of immunoglobulin in colostrum of sows continues to decrease over time, and every 100ml of colostrum during sow delivery It contains 20g of immunoglobulin. 4 hours after delivery, the content of immunoglobulin per 100ml of colostrum drops to 10g, and the content continues to decrease sharply as time goes on. Therefore, sows must be given colostrum in time for piglets after delivery.
2. Insulation of suckling piglets
The body of newborn piglets is not well developed, and the central system cannot effectively regulate body temperature. In addition, the energy accumulation of the piglets is limited. If the temperature of the environment is too low after the piglets are born, the piglets are prone to become weak and affect their growth. Death from loss of temperature.
The suitable growth temperature for piglets is 32℃, and the suitable growth temperature for sows is around 18℃. This is a tricky problem. At present, the most effective way to keep piglets is to install an incubator in the delivery room. Lay straw in the incubator and replace it frequently. When the weather is cold, turn on the heat preservation lamp to keep warm. Pay attention that the heat preservation lamp should be at least 50cm away from the ground to avoid burns to the piglets.
3. Fixed nipples for suckling piglets
Pigs are born with a bullying nature, and newborn piglets mainly show milk. Large and competitive piglets will occupy the front nipples with plenty of milk, while smaller piglets can only eat less milk. Of the posterior nipples. If you don't interfere, the individual differences in the piglet herd are very obvious, compared with the larger ones, the smaller ones are smaller, and one of the reasons that affects the price when the uniformity is poor.
What needs to be explained is that piglets have the habit of fixing their teats. Piglets will remember their own teats after they have eaten a few times, and they will suck regularly in the future. We can use this to make a breakthrough. Before the piglets have a strict milking system, we can manually interfere with the milking order of the piglets, put the weaker piglets in front for milk, and put the larger piglets behind for milk. Intervene a few more times until the piglet fixes the teat.
4. Iron supplementation for suckling piglets
The content of iron in piglets is limited. Iron is an essential nutrient in the life of piglets. Lack of piglets will manifest as iron deficiency anemia, indigestion, diarrhea, and even death. Generally, they will choose to take iron supplements 3 days after the piglets are born. needle.

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