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Industrialization Planning for Pig Farm


 The planning and construction of the farm is related to the investment and business results, which is a fundamental work. Factory farms and traditional farms, because of the different scale and production process , both in the planning and construction are very different, so needed respectively discussion.

1. Site selection involving area, terrain, water, vaccination, transport, power supply, sewage treatment and environmental protection, and many other aspects, thus, it needs careful planning, prior investigation before selecting sites.

(1) area and topography: management and production, as well as living areas all should be taken into account, and leave room for planned building sites . The terrain should be suitable for high and dry, water tables are low, soil permeability is good. To help ventilation, avoid to build the large pig factory in the Sanka , or will pollute the air and hard to discharge , and will bring the bad environment of the whole field all the year round.

(2) prevention: from the main trunk roads, railways as far as possible, away from the residential area at least 2 km above. We should take the pig epidemic prevention in itself, but also consider the effect of pig farm on residential areas. The pig farm and other Ranch needs to be kept at arm's length.

(3) traffic: to avoid main roads, but with convenience of the traffic. Because there is a large demand for the feed, pig products and goods transportation .

(4) power supply: near to the power supply, saves the transmission costs. Power supply stable, and fewer blackouts at the same time.

(5) source: planning exploration before building farms, water is a prerequisite for selecting sites. One is the water sufficient, including water for people and livestock. Pigs feeding water can refer to table 5-2. Second, the water should meet the drinking water standards. Determination is based on the solid content of drinking water quality standards. About 150 mg per litre of water in the solids content is desirable, less than 5000 mg harmless to young animals, more than 7000 mg can cause diarrhea, more than 10000 mg does not apply.

(6) the sewage and environmental protection: the farm is surrounded by farmlands, orchards, and easy to flow automatically, consume most or all of the waste water is ideal. Or else do important problems of sewage treatment and environmental protection planning, especially the contamination of groundwater and ground water and rivers.

2. Farm layout,on the overall layout of the large factory farms should at least include the production area, production, management and living quarters.

(1) production area: including the piggery, disinfection Chamber (dressing, bathing, disinfection), non-disinfected pools, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, pigs, swine, repair and warehouse, duty room, segregation, manure processing areas.

(2) production: including feed plant and warehouses, water tower, Wells House, garage, boiler room, substations, slaughter and processing plants, workshops, etc.

(3) management and living area: including Office, cafeteria, staff quarters and so on. Management and living areas should be built on the high ground, upwind, production area is conducive to prevention and to link with the production area with the layout.

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