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Why pigs in farms should be broken teeth, and tails?


 Disability piglet in farm has been a thorny issue that plague farm! Disability piglet is mainly as arthritis, local abscesses which will cause the poor growth, left behind, and finally only eliminated because of the purpose for all full in full out.

According to research in recent years for the piglet in maternity wards, disability piglet is mainly caused by the broken teeth, broken tail, umbilical cord, which bring the poor disinfection of bad bacteria, such as ear infections!

Why should we cut the pigs’ tail and tooth ? Does it have any real meaning? We can discuss the stake of the broken teeth and broken tail .

Discussion 1:
Without cutting teeth and tail constantly, it has little chance that piglet bite nipples. Tail-biting is often caused by the density, environment, stress irritation. Thus, we recommended that small farmers can not cut tooth and tail. If so, cutting and shearing teeth, you must make a better disinfecting and using the power shears for cutting.

Discussion 2:
Cutting teeth is mainly to avoid piglets teeth scraping sows tits, avoid sows breast occurred inflammation. Amputation of tail : on one hand, after the piglets cut the tails, it can reduced the pendulum tail to keep  pig group from disturbing, conducive to sleep; on the other hand, it can cover the anal , discharge of stool and urine will not stick tail, Lash will also not stop pig tail swing and avoid the stool throwing to around, conducive to pig group health. Pig tails often swing curls, will consume energy, in intensive or under conditions of moderate scale pig, often happening tail-biting injuries, wagging also affects for safe sleep, row of pigs will dilute manure contamination of pig . Cutting pig tail to avoid having a negative impact.

 Discussion 3:
Cutting pigs’ tail was to prevent fights, broken tooth was mainly to prevent the sow's nipple being bitten. The ear tag for pigs is convenient to record the information of each one. Especially in the boar farm, recording the ear tag is very necessary, will be helpful to do related genetic research.

Discussion 4:
Cutting teeth and tail, the health condition of the small-scale farms cannot meet foreign standards, is prone to be infected. Mothers protect their children, spoiled brat is normal, and we should not make artificial obstacles. We can observe the health condition of the pig according to the swing of their tails.


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