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Main points of sow and piglet feeding


Farmers always complain about not raising pigs well. That is because your job is not done properly. Pig farmers know the following five points, but they do not believe that you are not good at raising pigs. Let's take a look at how to do it!

1. The sow is afraid of fat and the piglet is afraid of being thin
The body condition of sows (by parity) requires no fat and no bones. Obese sows have a low estrus rate, fewer births, a long period of labor, many weak births, low birth weights, and dystocia. And the sow is fat, it is difficult to lose weight! So many sows are not fat!
Pigs are afraid of being thin. Traditional Chinese medicine says that the spleen is the main muscle. Pigs are thin and most of them have problems with the spleen! Western medicine says that the spleen is the largest immune organ.
2. Sows are afraid of constipation, piglets are afraid of diarrhea
The sow has a large base, and the length of the stomach and intestines can reach more than 38 meters. Once constipation is difficult to deal with! Moreover, the lungs pass through the large intestine meridian, so sow constipation is directly related to the health of the lungs!
Piglets are afraid of diarrhea. Due to the small number of piglets and the length of the gastrointestinal tract of the piglet, the length of the gastrointestinal tract of the newly born piglet is 0.6-1.2 meters, and the length of the gastrointestinal tract of the weaned piglet is generally 6-- 8 meters, piglet diarrhea can easily lead to dehydration, which is one of the main causes of death of piglet diarrhea.
3. The sow is afraid of the feed pellets being too fine, and the piglet is afraid of being too coarse
Feeding sows with fine feed pellets can easily cause sows gastric ulcer and constipation; too coarse feed pellets can easily scratch the gastrointestinal mucosa of piglets and cause nutritional diarrhea! This is the reason why the corn is required to be crushed twice in the Forty-Six feed! Soybean meal pellets of the national standard are most suitable for sow feed, without crushing!
4. Sows are afraid of high body temperature and piglets are afraid of low body temperature
Since the various organs of the piglet have not matured, once the piglet's body temperature is low, there is a problem with multiple organs, and there is basically no hope of treatment! Once the sow has a high body temperature (fever) and can't get rid of it, it indicates that there are problems with multiple organs. Because each organ of the sow is mature!
5. The sow is afraid of high temperature and the piglet is afraid of low temperature
In winter, many suckling pigs in farrowing rooms have diarrhea, which is closely related to the diarrhea of ​​nursery pigs and the low ambient temperature. Hot weather, sows are prone to heat stroke, high ambient temperature leads to poor semen quality in boars, which is also a manifestation of heat stroke in boars!

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