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Is it difficult to raise piglets in the farrowing room? Are you sure you paid attention to this detail?


The piglets in the farrowing house are like the sun at eight or nine o'clock in the pig farm. They are a symbol of the pig farm's vigor and hope for profit.
The piglet care in the farrowing room involves a series of technologies. The author will successively release six sets of practical technologies for the piglet care series on the public account of the PSY Application Research Institute, including vitality enhancement technology, colostrum management technology, wound management technology, foster care and fence technology, and iron supplementation. Heavy technology and teaching tank refill technology. (Let the piglet win at the starting line includes but not limited to the above six sets of practical techniques)
About: Wound Management Technology
For piglets in the farrowing room, multiple traumas during lactation (broken cord, cutting teeth, tail docking, castration, knee abrasion, etc.) are prone to bacterial infections; after weaning, maternal protection ceases and self-active immunity has not formed. Stress (internal injury) is bound to cause low disease resistance and easily cause bacterial infections.
Broken umbilical cord
When the umbilical cord is broken, if the umbilical cord is thicker, first press it with your fingers to stop the bleeding to prevent the blood from washing away the disinfectant. At the same time, administer 2 mL of kinetic energy to quickly supply energy to accelerate the drying of the umbilical cord and reduce the probability of wound infection.
Clipping and docking
①Choose when the teeth are relatively soft (6-48 hours after birth);
②Reduce the teeth by about 1/2, avoid sticking to the gums, to prevent bleeding, and the angles are flat (if you are not familiar with it, it is recommended to watch the cut first, and gently feel whether the broken end is flat after the cut);
③The tail is reduced by about half, and the tail can be used to stop the bleeding by lightly pressing with the tail pliers, and then the tail is reduced slightly behind to avoid excessive bleeding, and then povidone-iodine or potassium permanganate disinfection;
④ After cutting the teeth and the tail, the neck intramuscular injection of 0.5mL (6-9 gauge needle).
①It is recommended that young boars be castrated at about 7 days old (too small affects vitality, and too large wounds heal relatively slowly);
②Check whether there is a scrotal hernia (leaky intestine) before castration. If there is a scrotal hernia, it cannot be castrated (hernia surgery is required);
③It is recommended to open two openings on the outside to take out two small testicles (instead of one on the outside and another on the middle septum) to reduce congestion or pus that is not easy to discharge due to improper handling of castrated foreign bodies;
④After the castration is completed, intramuscularly inject 0.5mL into the neck (No. 9 needle);
⑤Individual patients with severe bleeding due to poor operation can be supplemented with 1 mL of hemostatic allergies (sulfoethylamine).
Knee and foot injuries
There are two main considerations for knee and foot injuries: one is the unreasonable design of the delivery bed (rough or thin), and the other is insufficient milk. Regardless of hardware problems, prevention and control measures caused by insufficient milk:
①A few days before the sow is finished, when it is judged that the milk is insufficient, a circle of medical tape can be fixed around the knee or foot of the piglet;
②Improving feed intake is the foundation (understand relevant courses of PTT Pig Farming Effectiveness College);
③Promoting breast milk (I have tried effective methods, or one extra milk tablet at a time, two tablets a day to promote breast development and milk synthesis);
④ When a wound is found, intramuscular injection of 1 mL is given.
Weaning stress (internal injury)
Weaning of piglets means separation of mothers and piglets, changes in rations, changes in the environment, interruption of energy sources, low feed intake, damage to the chorionic membrane, increased inflammatory factors and oxygen free radicals, significant physical storage consumption, disability, and immune gaps Disease resistance in the future has worsened.
①Intestine cooking in advance (pay attention to the happy memory teaching method of PTT Pig Farming Effectiveness College);
②Do a good job in weaning transfer management (if the house temperature is not lower than 26℃, try to be in the same litter as possible);
③Injection of 1 mL of fast-acting intramuscular injection at weaning, long-acting 7 days to prevent and control bacterial diseases;
④ Weaning to group mixed drinking kinetic energy 5mL/head/day for 5 days to supplement energy, repair intestinal mucosa, and remove inflammatory factors and oxygen free radicals.
The wounds mentioned in this article are explained from two dimensions, one is the common traumatic injury with blood in the skin, and the other is the "internal injury" where the disease resistance is torn open. Trauma is easy to control, internal injury is difficult to prevent, both internal and external are prevented, and both symptoms and root causes are treated.

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