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What are the management concepts of an excellent pig farm?


 This is the best pig-raising era and the worst era. As a pig breeder in China, you may have to get used to the feeling of "dancing on the tip of a knife" for a long time. The day before yesterday, a farmer who caught breeding pigs from Jiangsu to Hebei said with emotion, "This company is too good, and every sow this year It can make a net profit of 50,000 yuan!” Think about it. A sow of original breeding costs 8,000 yuan. If one sow can supply 8 breeding pigs a year, it is indeed 50,000 yuan. In the context of non-pest raging, how to achieve safe and efficient production and how to become an outstanding person in the pig industry is worthy of our every manager's thinking.

The most important concept of pig production is safety. The concept of safety includes biosafety and employee safety. On the one hand, biosecurity is the foundation of pig production. This concept must be comprehensively and systematically understood and implemented, and gradually implemented into production management. In particular, the introduction of breeding pigs, the management of the sales process, and the management of the entry and exit of the pig farm are very likely to pose a threat to the biological safety of the pig farm. Therefore, the pig farm manager must conduct the introduction, personnel entry and exit, article entry and exit, and exit Strict management of pig stands, shower rooms, etc. At the same time, regular anti-bird and rodent prevention work should be done. Of course, the assurance of nutritional level and regular laboratory testing are also very necessary. Experience has shown that as long as pigs have a good breeding environment, including suitable temperature, humidity, ventilation, density, drinking water, air quality, etc., this is the basic condition for pigs to survive. Only when all aspects are perfected can live pigs Healthy development and play its due potential. Safety education must be carried out frequently, and personal safety protection must be paid attention to when using fire, electricity, and machinery. The lives of people in the pig farm are the most precious, and you will be punished whenever you forget this.
The second is the planning concept. In the production process, it is necessary to formulate a comprehensive plan including production, sales, nutrition, and cost, and sufficient adaptability. For example, the introduction of pig farms, generally speaking, the introduction of pig farms must first meet the three needs of production, improvement and biosecurity. Make sure to plan in advance when introducing species, otherwise the population is prone to problems. Pig farms generally have to formulate two sets of introduction plans: the first is to purchase parent-generation boars and sows. In accordance with the normal renewal of the pig farm, 50% of the sows in the pig farm are purchased every year as reserve pigs. It is best to introduce them from the same breeding farm to ensure biosafety; another plan is to introduce ancestral breeding pigs and cross-breed them by themselves. There is no absolute principle for this method, and the choice should be based on actual conditions and requirements. In the current situation that is not raging, it is best for pig farms to introduce ancestral breeding pigs at once, expand their own breeding to meet the requirements, and do not introduce them from outside for at least three years to reduce the risk of the introduction process.
The third idea keeps pace with the times. Farm managers can never be satisfied with the status quo. The continuous emergence of new technologies, new products and new ideas requires pig producers to keep pace with the times and learn to use advanced science and technology to transform pig farms and improve pig production efficiency. Digital management is of great significance to pig production: collecting and analyzing pig farm data through the application of advanced pig production management software to guide production and let production go as planned. For all pig farms, production data, financial data, and cost data must be carefully collected, counted and analyzed. It is best to use months as a time span. "
Good managers should also keep in mind the following points:
First, process management and standardized operations. This is something that every manager should value, and the procedures established in production operations should not be too complicated, let alone "changed day and night." To allow every employee to produce according to the standard SOP, a mature management team needs to undergo at least two years of repeated training and running-in. Regular training is necessary.
Second, calculate the input-output ratio. "Any investment can't just look at the input, it must look at the ratio of input to output. Only if you are willing to invest can you get a return." We are not afraid of high prices, but we are afraid of comparing goods. Only when there is comparison, we will have experience. Any new product must enter the system. It is really scientific only when there is corresponding test data and the input-output ratio is calculated.
Third, people make the best use of their talents and materials. Managers must make full use of various resources, and team leaders must have a mind and a strong heart to tolerate. This is an important test of the ability of pig farm managers.

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