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How to treat the Pig tail-biting ? what’s the reason of it?


 The disease of tail biting happen occasionally in the intensive and largescale pig farms. It’s hard to restrain in the event of this disease. Especially, it happens mostly in early weaned pigs which badly impact their health and childbirth. This is really a troubled problem to the raiser. According to the report, for pigs with this disease, their rate of growth and efficiency of fodder decreased by 26.4% than normal pigs. 

 The first, a clinical feature of tail biting pig manifest as licking the walls, biting crib, soil, cinder, urine alkaline, salt foreign body(wounds, blood) and other symptoms. Some biting ears and tail; some sows devour the afterbirth and the piglet; some suffer from anorexia, anemia, neurasthenia, even exhaustion. Tail biting pigs manifest originally as restless move, the sensitive to external stimuli, loss of appetite, a vicious eye shape. At first, in the same column or different column, only a few pigs biting each other, gradually more pigs fighting each other, especially the tail biting, individual bite ears. There have blood flow at the end of injury. Pig bite have pica blood which cause tail biting, and the harm is gradually expanding. The performance of the degree of bites behave from mild symptoms with the tail bleeding to tail off due to repeatedly bite. Serious bite part because of bite during consecutive days, Secondary infection can cause meningitis, abscess. If we don’t take timely measures, it can be complicated by sepsis, and leading to death. Generally, this disease occurs on the 18-80 kg pigs, and to 30-40 kg pigs, the incidence rate is high. Look from the gender, the incidence of sows is higher than boars.

1.environmental factor
Poor sanitation in the barn, the concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide is high, poorly ventilated, climate changes, too cold or too hot, it is very seriously when transfer the fall and winter season every year,humidity is too large, the light is too strong, cement floor is clamminess, the lack of grass make the pig produce stress and discomfort.

2. Management factors
Pigs density is too high,Competition for food and water they biting each other,Causing disorder。
Herd poor uniformity, it has big difference on big or small, strong or weak, light weight,weak pigs ofen become the object of the bite。
Pigs enter a new group cause fighting and fight for situations;many reasons scare them and make them run wild.
Feeder is not enough and drinking water is too little.

3. Nutritional factors.
Nutritional imbalance, such as raising nutritional levels below standard; feed with unscientific; pre-fattening poor quality dietary protein; vitamins, iron, copper, calcium, and magnesium salt, or a lack of uniformity due to mixing caused by poor nutritional imbalance, lack of cellulose in the feed. For example the lack of salt in the diet, not only the poor growth of pigs, and can cause pica, licking salty foreign body (manger, blood, etc.), can often lead to tail biting, licking the blood and whisper.

4.disease factors
ectoparasite may become an additional stress and work. ectoparasite stimulate skin caused pigs dysphoria,rubbing on the walls and railings, appeared trauma caused other pigs bite.
parasites such as roundworm in vivo effects can also occur tail biting phenomenon, so need make insecticide timely.
Pig anemia,tail broken also can cause tail biting ,ear-biting this bad habit, besides this also can bite other parts, such as biting hooves, legs, neck and tarsal joints.
Hormonal stimulation cause pig unstable emotion.


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