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How should piglets be cared for after birth?


Piglets are difficult to raise, especially new-born piglets, cold, diarrhea and even death. Why? Next, I will tell you about the nursing techniques of piglets after birth, so that your piglets can win at the starting line.
One, prenatal preparations:
1. Hygiene of the pen: Giving piglets a clean and comfortable living environment is a necessary condition for raising piglets well
2. Necessary utensils and disinfectants: broken tooth forceps, surgical scissors, hemostatic forceps, ligatures, dry rags (midwifery powder), potassium permanganate (Lysul), complexed iodine (5% iodine)
3. Cleaning and disinfection of the buttocks and udders of sows: Potassium permanganate 0.1% cleaning the feces and dirt around the buttocks and udders of sows can reduce the infection of piglets E. coli
Two, piglet nursing technology after birth
1. Dry the mucus: first clean the mucus in the mouth and nose, and then dry the whole body.
First of all, the mucus in the nose and mouth is cleaned up because the piglets provide oxygen from the mother's body and feed their own lungs to provide oxygen. If the nose and mouth are not cleaned in the first time, it will cause the piglets to die and mucus into the lungs, causing respiratory diseases and even weak piglets. . Secondly, dry the whole body to promote blood circulation, put it in the incubator to dry the coat
2. Broken umbilical cord: Avoid infection caused by overly long umbilical cord and ground pathogenic bacteria, as well as umbilical hernia caused by peritoneal insufficiency caused by mutual sucking and trampling between piglets.
The length of the umbilical cord should be 3 to 4 cm. Before the umbilical cord is cut, the blood of the umbilical cord should be squeezed toward the piglet's abdomen, ligated, and then sterilized by cutting off the complexed iodine.
3. Eating colostrum: First of all, what is colostrum? Colostrum is the milk of a sow within 12 to 24 hours after giving birth. What does colostrum contain? Colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins, easily digestible nutrients, high in protein, and has magnesium salts for light ejaculation, which can promote the excretion of meconium and improve the development of the digestive system and digestive glands of piglets.
Wash the udder with 01% potassium permanganate before eating colostrum and express two handfuls of milk to prevent diarrhea in piglets
4. Cut teeth and broken tails: Cut teeth can prevent piglets from hurting sow nipples and piglets during feeding or fighting, and tail cutting can prevent tail biting during production
5. Weighing: Provide the production data of sows on the farm
Three, first aid for suspended piglets
1. What is a suspended piglet: Suspended piglet is a piglet that stops breathing after giving birth but the heart or the base of the umbilical cord still beats.
2. How did the fake dead piglets appear: the mucus in the nose and mouth was not cleaned up in time, the piglets spent too long in the birth canal when the sow was dystocia, and the umbilical cord of the piglets was prematurely disconnected at birth.
3. First aid measures for suspended piglets:
(1) First, clean the mouth and nose to ensure the airway is unobstructed, and massage both sides of the ribs vigorously.
(2) Hold the head with the left hand and the hip with the right hand to do flexion and extension until the piglet screams
(3) When artificial respiration still fails to breathe normally, put the piglets into warm water of 36 to 38 degrees and continue artificial respiration until the respiration recovers.

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