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Six details of pig farm construction


The overall planning of pig farm construction should be made in advance. It is necessary to estimate the area used and the pig raising equipment required according to the functional zoning, so as to make the pig farm construction planning more accurate. The following six details should be paid attention to, which is really practical!
1. Unit specification
The ground of the pigsty should be calculated according to the estimated number of pigs. The activity area of the protected pigs is about 1.7 square meters, and there should be no more than 25 pigs in each unit. In this way, the construction area of the pigsty can be calculated.

2. Install the fecal leakage plate
The installation of fecal leakage plate can timely drop fecal dirt into the fecal dirt channel, reduce the breeding of fecal bacteria and keep the pig house clean.

3. Installation of automatic feeding line
The installation of feed line can make the transmission of feed safer, effectively reduce personnel entering and leaving the pig house, avoid the carrying and transmission of bacteria, keep the feed fresh, reduce mosquito pollution, liberate labor intensity and promote the economic benefits of pig farms.
Ventilation equipment, temperature control equipment and disinfection equipment shall be installed in the pigsty, and floor heating shall be laid on the ground to save heating space; Under the negative pressure ventilation mode, the fan water curtain can improve the ventilation quality of the pigsty; The use of disinfection equipment can save manpower and reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases in pigs.
According to the height of the enclosure design at different growth stages of pigs, avoid the stress response caused by jumping out of pigs and biting and fighting among pigs.
The installation height of drinking water equipment also needs to be determined according to the size of pigs. Different drinking fountains will be different with different heights. Generally, the installation height of duckbill drinking fountains is 30-40cm, cup drinking fountains are 15-20cm and nipple drinking fountains are 30-45cm. Pig farms should choose according to the actual situation of their own pigs.

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