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What to do if the sow loses fat seriously after delivery?


The weight of sows in the pig farm has dropped severely after delivery, and the effect of increasing feed is not good? How can we restore body fat?
How to restore body fat to sows after delivery?
The sows in the breeding farm usually lose weight after farrowing. Many people blindly increase the feeding amount in order to quickly restore the body fat of the sows, but the ideal results are not obtained, and the breeding has been increased in vain. cost.
So why can't sows rush to increase the feeding amount after delivery? How to restore body fat? Here we take a look.
Sow problem
The abdominal environment of sows changes greatly before and after farrowing. The sow’s stomach is severely squeezed before farrowing, and the abdominal cavity becomes empty and loose after farrowing.
This drastic change also caused serious effects on the digestive ability of sows. Although it is not ruled out that some sows have recovered their digestive function in good condition, most sows cannot digest feed normally at this time.
Therefore, at this stage, not only can't increase the sow's feeding amount rashly, but also reduce it appropriately, and then gradually increase the sow's feeding amount as the sow's physical condition gradually recovers.
Secondly, when feeding sows, nutrition should not be emphasized too much. No matter how much nutrients cannot be absorbed, it will be wasted. On the contrary, the benefits of easy-digestible feeds are not as great for sows.
If at this time increase the feeding amount to increase the nutrient supply and cause indigestion, the toxins may accumulate in the sow's intestines, which will cause many unpredictable conditions.

The problem of piglets
The appetite of the piglets is not very large at birth, and the milk intake of the piglets is gradually increased as they grow. Therefore, the sow has just given birth to piglets, and the headache is not that the milk is not enough to eat, but that the piglets can't finish eating (except for the case of sows suffering from lactation).
If the sow's milk can't be eaten, it needs to be processed manually to help the sow to drain the excess milk, otherwise the sow may cause mastitis if the milk increases for a long time.
Once a sow suffers from mastitis, the consequences can be imagined. Not only will the quality of the milk decrease, but it may also induce diarrhea and diarrhea in the piglets.
Therefore, when the sow's milk supply is greater than the piglet's demand, it is not appropriate to increase the sow's feeding amount. Excessive nutrient intake will cause the sow to secrete more milk and cause unnecessary trouble.
Based on the above two reasons, we have the following suggestions regarding the feeding of sows after delivery:
1. It is necessary to decide whether to feed more or less according to the sow's litter size and milk supply and demand;
2. It is necessary to decide whether to feed more or less according to the digestion of the sow and its own appetite. This can be specifically observed in the feces excreted by the sow. If there is insufficient digestion of the feed residue, it must not be increased rashly. The sow's feed rate.

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