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Protective Measures for Beef Cattle to Pass the Cold Winter Smoothly


 It is freezing cold, and the nutritional conditions of beef cattle are generally very poor, which brings many difficulties for beef cattle to pass the winter. Therefore, good protection measures can make beef cattle better through the winter.

Pay attention to grasping the fat before the winter To ensure that the beef cattle can pass the winter safely, you must grasp the autumn fat after the fall. Utilize whether it is cold or hot in autumn, and beef cattle have a good appetite, and the grass should be used well when grazing. Cows eat well and absorb a lot of nutrients, so they can accumulate some fat, resist the severe cold, and maintain their health.
Pay attention to the heat preservation of the cow house. The cow house can reduce the heat loss of the cow body. Therefore, the cow house must be repaired before the winter to prevent the invasion of wind.
Pay attention to the large stomach volume of feeding cows, each head of coarse feed should not be less than 6 kg per day, and the forage and concentrate should be diversified, and one feed cannot be fed at all times.
Pay attention to the lack of drinking water. The metabolism and body temperature of beef cattle are regulated by water, because water has a better heat retention effect. Sprinkling a handful of bran on the water when drinking can prevent overdrinking and water damage. If there is warm water, it is more conducive to the heat preservation of the cow.
Be careful not to feed the stalks coarsely and hard. They must be crushed before feeding. 3 to 4 cm is appropriate. Be careful not to feed the whole root to save trouble. The smashed straw has a high utilization rate and the beef cattle will eat well and get fat.
Pay attention to feeding cattle in time. Beef cattle should not be fed when they should be fed. Irregularities can easily cause digestive disorders. Cattle will suffer from excessive hunger, overeating, eating problems, and causing some diseases. Therefore, it should be quantified regularly, and maintaining a normal digestion state is conducive to increasing fat and strengthening cattle.
Be careful not to feed moldy and deteriorating feed. The feed is rich in nutrients. After moldy and deteriorating, it will be converted into toxic substances, causing poisoning of beef cattle feed. Beef cattle will sometimes die after eating. Therefore, do not feed moldy and deteriorating feed, and strengthen the storage and management of feed.

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