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The coup to increase fat in beef cattle in cold season


The cold weather in winter and the lack of green feed are very unfavorable for beef cattle fat gain. However, as long as the fine and coarse feed are matched scientifically and the feeding and management methods are appropriate, the cold winter season can still make the beef cattle grow rapidly and increase fat.
The heat preservation performance of the cow house should be good. The cow house should not leak rain, airtight, the ground is not wet, and it is clean and hygienic. The room temperature should be above 5℃, preferably at 10℃~18℃.
Scientific ingredients and meticulous feeding of feed are the material basis for increasing the fat and meat of cattle. In order for beef cattle to eat well, it is necessary to match the feed scientifically and reasonably. The diet formula is: 10 kg of high-quality hay, 7 kg of distiller’s grains, 3.5 kg of cornmeal, 0.5 kg of bean cake, 100 g of urea, and 50 g of salt. Feed 3 times a day, namely at 6 o'clock in the morning, 12 o'clock noon, and 6 o'clock in the afternoon. Feed the coarse feed first and then the refined feed. Give less frequently, and feed 80 to 90% full each time, which helps the cattle maintain a strong appetite during the next feeding.
Supply of sufficient drinking water In winter, cows mainly eat hay, so adequate drinking water must be provided. Insufficient drinking water not only affects the feeding of cattle, but also affects the digestion and absorption of feed by beef cattle, resulting in dry coats, dry skin, and low energy levels. As the saying goes, the importance of water supply can be seen from grass fullness, material strength, and water spirit. The water supplied should be clean and the temperature should be appropriate, preferably 20°C.
Bask in the sun and brush your cows frequently. At noon in the wind and warm weather, take the cows out to bask in the sun while brushing the cows. In this way, it can prevent the occurrence of skin diseases and ectoparasitic diseases, but also promote blood circulation and enhance the resistance of cattle to cold.
Supplementary compound feed doubles the effect of corn 10%, dried melon 10%, sorghum 8%, oil cakes (bean cake, cotton seed cake, peanut cake, etc.) 10%, bran 60%, bone meal 1.5% and salt 0.5%. Various feeds are crushed and mixed with water to make them stick together, and then dried in the sun to form an irregularly shaped and not too strong granular compound feed. This kind of feed has a crisp texture and good palatability, which is especially fond of cattle.

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