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Three reasons explain why the respiratory disease arises


Respiratory disease is the most common type of disease in chicken farms, and the cause is more complicated. There are two types of causes of chicken respiratory disease, namely infectious and non-infectious. Infectious pathogens include bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, etc., and non-infectious includes environmental and management factors. Therefore, in order to prevent and control the respiratory tract, it is necessary to find the cause of the disease and treat the symptoms to the cause. The main causes of respiratory diseases are as follows:
One. Damage to the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract
When the respiratory tract mucosa is stimulated by the external environment, it will damage the respiratory tract mucosa, making it unable to play a normal immune protection function, and then cause respiratory diseases.
Under normal circumstances, the respiratory tract mucosa is covered with a layer of pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelial cells, and the cilia are constantly swinging to put pathogenic microorganisms and dust out of the body and prevent pathogens from entering the body. Therefore, the respiratory mucosa is an important line of defense against the invasion of external pathogenic microorganisms.
Two. Environmental factors that induce respiratory diseases
1. The seasonal climate is changeable, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. It is easy to cause the temperature in the house to rise and fall, and the chickens are frequently exposed to environmental stress, which leads to a decline in resistance and provides favorable conditions for virus invasion.
2. Poor ventilation in the chicken house and high concentration of toxic and harmful gases in the house, such as high concentrations of ammonia, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide, will easily cause the chickens to get sick.
3. Long sunshine time and suitable temperature are suitable for the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in the environment.
4. The air is dry, the humidity in the house is not enough, and the dust droplets fly randomly, which easily damage the respiratory mucosa of the chicken.
5. Broiler chickens are not expanded in time, and the stocking density is too high, which can easily cause chicken disease.
Three, the body's own immune factors
1. Laying hens are recessively infected with viral diseases such as mycoplasma or Newcastle disease, H9, spreading branch, and laryngopharyngeal disease, and when the vaccine is not in place, the chickens are prone to infection.
2. Vaccination when the flock is in a sub-health state is very easy to cause respiratory diseases. If the treatment is not timely, it is easy to secondary colibacillosis and mycoplasmosis.
3. After the hot summer and long-term egg-laying consumption of laying hens, the flocks begin to have varying degrees of fatigue. The body's resistance is reduced, and germs enter when they are weak, and infections develop.
4. The existence of immunosuppressive diseases also affects the immune effect of chickens, such as infectious bursal disease, leukemia, reticuloendothelial hyperplasia, Marek's disease, infectious anemia, reovirus disease and other immunosuppressive diseases Diseases can destroy the immune system of chickens and cause immune suppression in chickens.

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