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The weather is hot and cold. Four things must be done to raise pigs


Spring is a good season for pigs to grow. Although the price of pigs has been declining, the profitability of breeding is still promising. At this critical point, raising pigs is very important. In the early spring season, the climate is changeable, hot and cold, so pig farmers must pay attention to strengthening the scientific breeding and management of the pig herd, and do a good job in the prevention and control of key diseases.

1. Prevent the propagation of germs in the pig house
The pig house should be thoroughly disinfected in spring, once a week. Prevent the growth and reproduction of germs, insist on cleaning the pig house every day, and keep the house clean and hygienic. Two or more disinfectants can be used alternately in the house to avoid drug resistance. Increase the frequency of disinfection when an epidemic occurs.
2. Deworming pigs
Spring is the golden season for pig raising. Don't let parasites eat away the nutrients of pigs and affect the growth of pigs. Doing a good job of deworming in spring can effectively increase the growth rate of pigs, and to a certain extent, it is also conducive to enhancing the production performance of pigs and increasing the income of farmers.
3. Fine management and scientific feeding
The feeding and management of fattening pigs and breeding pigs can be carried out as usual, but the feeding and management of piglets must be meticulous. Because piglets lack innate immunity, body temperature regulation and digestive functions are not sound, in the spring when the climate is changeable, a slight mistake in feeding and management can easily cause piglets to get sick and even die in large numbers.
4. Prevention and control of key swine diseases
Strictly prevent the occurrence of various swine diseases in spring, especially swine epidemic diarrhea, foot-and-mouth disease, circovirus disease, swine fever, blue ear disease and other diseases. According to the characteristics of the local epidemic situation, the immunization procedures should be strictly followed. Only immunization shots. The second is to do a good job of inspection, find signs of disease, and quickly isolate and treat. According to the epidemic characteristics of swine diseases in recent years, the most important swine diseases are swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, diarrhea, and colds. As long as these diseases are controlled, other swine diseases are unlikely to occur.
Although the temperature starts to rise slowly in spring, there are sometimes abnormal weather, which can be hot and cold, and pigs can easily catch colds. As the saying goes, "spring cover autumn freeze" and sometimes "spring cold" weather appears. Pig farmers must not remove plastic film, stoves and other insulation facilities too early. Hang the door curtain at any time to prevent the invasion of wind, and continue to "cover" for a period of time. Pay attention to the heat preservation of the farrowing piglets and nursery pigs, especially the effective temperature of the abdomen.
Newborn piglets secrete little gastrointestinal fluid, weak gastrointestinal motility, and low disease resistance. If they are not kept well, they are prone to diarrhea due to cold injury. It is necessary to provide heat in time to keep warm, and carry out high temperature breeding. Pigs lose less heat and have strong disease resistance, so they are naturally less likely to get sick.

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