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How many days can I feed the newborn piglets?


Pig farmers know that piglets need to be weaned after they have passed the lactation period with high mortality and sickness rates and go to nursery pigs. During this period of time, the major problem is excessive, whether it is feed, management, etc. are faced with excessive, if not done well, stress will easily occur. So, how many days can the newborn piglets be fed? How to prepare feed for weaning piglets? How to manage newly weaned piglets? Let's learn together:

How many days can I feed the newborn piglets?
Generally, about 15 days is enough.
How to prepare feed for weaning piglets?
1. Make high-quality protein raw materials: Puffed soybeans replace soybean meal. Puffed soybeans are better for piglet digestion than soybean meal, can reduce the diarrhea rate of early weaned pigs, increase daily weight gain and feed-to-meat ratio, and can make early weaned piglets gain daily weight Increase by 40%, reduce the consumption of material per kilogram by 0.12 kg.
2. Adding synthetic lysine: it can improve the balance of feed amino acids and reduce the level of feed protein, thereby reducing the amount of vegetable protein, reducing the burden on the digestive tract, avoiding or reducing allergies and protein indigestion caused by vegetable protein in the hindgut. Of toxic and hazardous substances.
3. Add enzyme preparations: it can make up for the low enzyme activity in the digestive tract of early weaned piglets, improve the digestibility of polysaccharides that cannot be decomposed in the diet, and can degrade anti-nutritional factors, reduce the viscosity of the intestines, and improve feed The nutritional value of it can promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, eliminate indigestion, and reduce the occurrence of diarrhea.
4. Hypochloric acid preparations: The gastric acid secretion of piglets is severely insufficient within 4 weeks after birth. Hypochloridizing agents can compensate for the insufficient gastric acid secretion of piglets and induce and stimulate the secretion of gastric and intestinal hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes, and can inhibit the reproduction of E. coli. Conducive to the proliferation of Lactobacillus, thereby promoting the digestion of feed and reducing diarrhea.
5. Lulu seasoning agent: piglets have a clear preference for sweetness. Flavoring agents help feed sales. When picking a new feed formula, making Lu flavoring helps prevent a drop in feed intake.
6. Formulating piglet feeds according to age: formulating feeds according to their actual needs will help increase the growth rate of piglets and reduce production costs.

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