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How to keep piglets warm in winter?


1. Bedding to keep warm
Pig houses are generally constructed of cement, so in winter, the temperature of the ground is very low, so the ground should be covered with soft hay and other cold-proof items, which can not only increase the temperature of the ground, but also prevent The pig house becomes damp and wet, but the bedding should be changed regularly to prevent the bedding from being wet, which is more unfavorable for the piglets to live through the winter.
2. Anti-cold wind
In addition to ventilation during construction, we must also consider preventing cold winds in winter. The temperature in winter is low. If the pig house enters the cold wind, it will cause a devastating blow to the piglets. Therefore, before the low temperature in winter, you need to close the gaps in the wall of the pig house. You can also pile some straw on the outer wall to block the cold wind.
3. Increase the stocking density
Piglets are weak in temperature regulation, so they have weak resistance to low temperature and are easy to freeze to death. In winter, they can be fed in groups and increase the accurate stocking density appropriately so that the piglets can warm each other and increase their resistance to low temperature. But also pay attention to the density. Too dense will induce diseases or adverse reactions. The stocking density in winter is about 40% higher than that in summer.
4. Appropriately increase the capacity feed ratio
In winter, the temperature is lower, and piglets need to absorb more energy to resist the severe cold. If the previous feed formula is maintained, the piglets will hardly grow in winter. Therefore, in winter, the feed ratio should be appropriately adjusted, and the ratio of energy feed should be increased appropriately, and the feed and drinking water should have a certain temperature, not too low, otherwise it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort in piglets, and 25 degrees is appropriate.
5. Enhance lighting
The natural light time in winter is relatively short, but professional research data shows that a reasonable increase in light intensity in winter can effectively improve the reproductive capacity of pigs. It can gain about 1/10 of the weight every day, and it can effectively reduce the incidence of piglets. Therefore, we must pay attention to increasing the daylighting rate in the pig house. When increasing the daylighting rate, we must pay attention to the light requirements of the entire pig herd. It is best to set up a daylighting area and reserve a daylighting opening on the top of the injection and the south wall, which can be used for daylighting in winter. And in the sunny afternoon with good sun, the pigs can be properly outdoors and let them receive sunlight.
6. Set up heating facilities
If it is still cold in the piglet barn and cannot reach the proper temperature, heating facilities should be installed. For suckling piglets, incubators and other facilities can be installed to ensure a suitable growth temperature for the piglets.

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