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Introduction and fan cooling method livestock curtain classification


Livestock fan curtain, also known as evaporative cool machine, is a set of cooling, ventilation, dust, odor in an evaporative cooling ventilation unit. Curtain air conditioning in addition to allowing enterprise

workshops, public places, business and entertainment venues to bring fresh air to lower the temperature, there is a major characteristic ---- saving, environmental protection! It is a new non-crunch machine,

no refrigerant, no brass environmental product, the primary component center ----- evaporative wet curtain (multi-layer corrugated fiber composite materials) and the main motor 1.1KW / is the traditional

center air-conditioning power consumption eighth, for various industries can be more real power. Livestock fan curtain at the top with cold storage, also called air cooler: it is a multi-equipment cooling by

axial fans and exhaust pipes and other composition. Livestock blower fan forced relying curtain cold room air flowing through the exhaust pipe cooling cabinets heat exchange, air cooled, and then reach the

goal of reducing the storage temperature.

Livestock fan cooling air curtain according to the method used can be divided into dry cool, wet and wet mixed three.

Among them, the refrigerant or refrigerant contained in the exhaust pipe event, after cooling the outer wall is called the dry cool air machine;

To spray the liquid refrigerant and air carrier direct heat exchange, called the wet cool machine;

In addition to the cooling breeze machine mixed type calandria, there are secondary refrigerant spray installation. 


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