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Method for distinguishing sow milk production


The sow’s milk production is of decisive importance for the growth and health of the piglets during the lactation period. Therefore, in order to ensure sufficient breast milk for the piglets during production, the breeder should observe the sow's lactation in advance so that special feeding and management of sows with less lactation can be done in advance. In general production, the sow’s lactation ability can be identified according to the sow’s appetite, body condition, udder, back fat and its lactation frequency and lactation time.

1. Appetite and feed intake
Specifically, sows have a strong appetite during lactation and can eat a lot of green and juicy feed or full-price diets, and their daily food intake is more than 6 kg.
2. Body condition and weight loss
In the group performance, the mother is thin and the baby is strong, which usually indicates that the lactation ability is higher. Some sows do not gain significant weight during pregnancy,
Fat loss during lactation is not obvious, and the lactation capacity of such sows is usually not high.
3. Number and time of breastfeeding
Sows with high lactation ability have 28 to 32 lactations per day and night, and each lactation time is more than 20 seconds. Sows with low lactation ability have fewer lactation times and the lactation time is short.
Four, breast and breastfeeding
If the sow’s udders are plump, well-spaced, and the nipples are shiny and elastic, the piglets rarely "bite the nipple", such sows generally produce high milk; if there are piglets "bite the nipple" phenomenon in the front and back nipples, it is common for the piglets to have the nipple in their mouth. Sleeping, or piglets humming around looking for teats from time to time, indicates that the sow’s milk production has begun to decrease; if the whole litter of piglets “bites the teat”, it indicates that the sow’s milk production is low.
5. Backfat
In terms of appearance, sows with broad shoulders and thick backs, hips, and body obesity usually produce less milk, while sows with a single back usually produce more milk.

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