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New pig raising skills, simple and practical tricks


1. Dehumidify the delivery room
Humidity hazards: At high temperatures, humidity will increase heat stress; at low temperatures, humidity will increase cold stress; humidity will easily breed mold. The first method is to spread quicklime on the ground. Quicklime is calcium oxide. When stored, it can absorb moisture in the air and turn it into calcium hydroxide, which can dry the local air in the house. In addition, quicklime has a disinfection function. The second method is to dry the plank: when the environment in the house is not easy to control, simply providing a local microclimate to the piglets can also have a good effect. The method is to often roast the wooden slabs laid by the piglets in a stove or give birth The piglets were covered with dry cloth or carpets a few days ago, so that the piglets can avoid lying on the damp floor, which is also effective in preventing piglet diarrhea.
The third method is to raise the delivery bed: because the general delivery bed is relatively low and the air circulation is not smooth, it is difficult for the moisture under the delivery bed to evaporate when the air is not circulating; but if the air circulation is strengthened, the ground The water evaporates easily. Other methods of dehumidification: raise the stove in the pig house in winter; use air-conditioning in the house; increase the ventilation in the house; control the number of times of washing the ground and prevent the water pipe from leaking.
Two, feeding skills
Some piglets cannot make up for 7 days. What do you think? This really takes some thought and energy. There are many ways to carefully adjust. Some make the ingredients into a porridge and apply it to the sow's nipple, and some directly apply it to the pig's mouth. One of the most effective and easy to operate is to replace the small with the big one. The piglet is actually not interested in feed, it is interested in the behavior of the sow and the breeder. When you start feeding, place the feeding trough where the sow can reach. If it is placed in a place out of the sow's reach, until the piglet is about 20 days old, it will eat naturally from the sow's mouth and not eat the feed in the feeder, or even poop inside.
Three, piglet blood sampling
Fix the pig face up, make the whole body in a straight line, and lift up the forelegs, so that there will be two obvious pits on the front of the chest. Insert the needle obliquely from these two pits to the top of the opposite shoulder joint and look directly Anterior vena cava sinus, if you are skilled, you can get enough blood in a few seconds. Note: Use appropriate needles when collecting blood. Pigs with a length of less than ten kilograms can use a thin needle with a length of 38 mm. For pigs with a weight of over 100 kilograms, the needles can be longer. It is easier to use special blood collection needles.
Four, fat pig injection
The neck of a pig is not all muscle, and the proportion of other tissues is still very large. Method: In a small circle, several breeders use an iron railing to squeeze the pigs to a corner or edge, because the pigs are not easy to move when they are squeezed together, especially when the heads of the pigs must be lifted, it is easy to fix the part for injection; The iron railing to block the pigs is best to match the size of the pen, and it is more convenient to pack it with a feed bag. This can also be done for larger nursery pigs.

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