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Application features automatic pig equipment


We aquaculture industry with the advent of the era of large-scale, must also meet our high mechanization, automation, who take advantage of mechanization and automation equipment in large-scale pig era, whoever occupies the opportunities, cost savings, improved raise efficiency.

With the development of modern society, people have entered into an industrialized society, mechanization and automation in various industries have greatly improved, increasing the efficiency of production, we aquaculture industry with the advent of the era of large-scale, must also meet our high degree of mechanization , automation, who take advantage of the era of large-scale mechanization and automation of pig equipment, whoever occupies the opportunities, cost savings, improved efficiency raised, standing in the invincible!

1, high efficiency
The machine can work together day and night, regardless of the time, as long as we give him a command, he will do it in accordance with our instructions to automatic feeding system, for example, according to an inside pens have 300 sows , then the 300 sows cutting within three minutes of time can be done, and is the first to sow the next dosing cup inside, from the inside next to the trough dosing cup which has automatic blanking systems, as long as the light light a rope, all sows are fed simultaneously, greatly reducing stress sows, all pigs are fed simultaneously, not eating in front of the pig, pig called back badly.

2, the cost
According to current labor cost, according to a worker's salary to count three million, one million head of slaughter pig, pig after the use of automated equipment, in accordance with the reduction of five workers to calculate directly can save 150,000 a year yuan, 10 years is 1.5 million yuan, the data in the course of our culture may be very concerned about, but these data add up to is a digital immeasurable.
Automated feeding equipment, for example, can save feed, especially sows piece, known as the gold material, and require precise sows fed, how much feed need to eat every day, are regular quantitative, in order to ensure the gilt and sow farrowing rate, with automated feeding system, all feeds are walking in the tower and pipe material, greatly reducing waste, and how much to eat per sow feed, are quantitative, but not too much, not only for sows well, they reduce feed waste.

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