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To achieve good results in pig farm disinfection?


Regular disinfection of pig farms is an important link to reduce the occurrence of diseases, but for pig farm disinfection, why do some pig farms still get sick after disinfection? What exactly is going on? It is understood that disinfection of pig farms needs to be carried out carefully and scientifically in order to achieve the desired effect. For the disinfection of pig farms, special attention should be paid to the following five points:

1. Disinfection takes time
Under normal circumstances, 60℃ can kill most pathogens during high temperature disinfection, but the temperature of gasoline blowtorch reaches several hundred degrees, and the flame of the blowtorch will not kill the pathogens because the time is too short.
Steaming and disinfection: the pathogen can be killed 30 minutes after the water is boiled.
Ultraviolet radiation: It must be more than 5 minutes.
Note: The time mentioned here is not only the time used for disinfection, but more importantly, the effective time of contact between the pathogen and the disinfectant. Because pathogens are often attached to or in the middle of other substances, disinfectants and pathogens need to penetrate first, and penetration takes time, and sometimes it takes a long time. At this time, we can put a piece of dried feces into the water to see how long it will be saturated.
2. Disinfection requires contact between drugs and pathogens
Disinfection in the delivery room will not kill the pathogens in the nursery. Similarly, in the delivery room, the pathogens will not be killed where the disinfectant cannot be sprayed. When disinfecting the floor of the fattening house, if there is a thick layer of feces on the ground, disinfect it. Medicine can only kill the top pathogens, but the pathogens deep in the feces will not be killed, because the disinfectant has not been in contact with the pathogens. Therefore, we require the pig house to be cleaned and rinsed before disinfection in order to reduce the influence of other factors.
3. Sufficient dosage is required for disinfection
Disinfectants are often destroyed when they kill pathogens. One disinfectant molecule may only kill one pathogen. If a disinfectant molecule encounters five pathogens, no matter how good the disinfectant is, it will not be effective. Regarding the amount of disinfectant, it is generally 1 liter of liquid medicine per square meter area. It is common in production that it is not calculated, just spray all the interior of the house with disinfectant, and the ground will dry immediately after the person leaves. This disinfection effect is very poor, because the disinfectant cannot interact with the pathogens hidden in the deep layer. contact.
4. disinfection needs no interference
Many disinfectants will fail when encountering organic matter. If these disinfectants are placed in a disinfection pool and some sawdust is placed in the pool as a means of disinfecting shoe soles, the effect will not be good.
5. disinfection requires drugs to be sensitive to pathogens
Not every disinfectant is effective for all pathogens, but is targeted, so when using disinfectants, there are also goals. For example, when preventing foot-and-mouth disease, iodine preparations are more effective. When preventing colds, peracetic acid may be the best. When preventing infectious gastroenteritis, high temperature and ultraviolet rays may be more practical. Note: No disinfectant can kill all pathogens. Even if we consider the most reliable high-temperature disinfection, there are still high-temperature bacteria that will not be destroyed. This requires that when we use disinfectants, they should be replaced frequently, so as to achieve the best results.

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