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These 7 mistakes are the most common when vaccinating pig farms!


Nowadays, most people who raise pigs know that they must be vaccinated, but there are still many people who do not pay enough attention to vaccines, and various problems will arise.

1. Vaccines are not 100% virus-free: I am often asked if I don’t get sick after being vaccinated. Many vaccines such as foot-and-mouth disease and pseudorabies have a lot of problems. If it is not 100%, then don’t do it. I've been asking, is it true that just keeping up with a good school makes more money? For one reason, other factors have a great influence.
2. Quality problems of the vaccine: including packaging and sealing, and then temperature problems such as the refrigerator power failure, if this is found to be a problem, try to use it as soon as possible, the longer the time, the greater the problem; I fight right away, and after a long time I love to have problems.
3. Vaccines often suffer from stress: First, there are problems with the injection, and some people often scare the pigs unnaturally, and then others will not be able to get into the meat; second, if the injection does not return to temperature, the stress will be greater , So you must pay attention to these when making seedlings.
4. Change the needles for vaccines: Don’t hit them right away. It's easy to get infected and spread diseases. If you don’t get sick, it’s troublesome to get sick, and the needles are worthless.
5. Make 10 vaccines for 12 pigs: In this way, everyone is not well protected and may get sick. Therefore, a certain dose of vaccine is sufficient. Many pseudorabies occur in this situation.
6. After the injection has died of stress, it must be stopped immediately: the new vaccine must be tested with two shots. I have seen a lot of pigs killed on the farm several times, but it is a pity that so many pigs have been killed.
7. Do not use medicines and other vaccines: Vaccine medicines will interfere with each other, and the effect of the vaccine is good if you pay attention to it.

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