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Pay attention to ventilation and disinfection when raising pigs in winter


In winter, the temperature is low, and many pig farmers often only pay attention to the heat preservation of the pig house and neglect the ventilation in the house, which causes a large accumulation of pollutants in the air and causes disease in pigs. Therefore, ventilation and disinfection of pigs in winter cannot be ignored. Because the pens need to be kept warm in winter and are in a relatively closed environment, the indoor carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and inhalable particulate matter content will greatly increase. These harmful substances can cause irritation to the respiratory system of pigs and a decrease in immunity, increase the chance of suffering from respiratory diseases, and aggravate the symptoms of existing diseases that are difficult to cure.
In addition, the air in the barn is too dry in winter, and the probability of bacteria and viruses floating in the air being adsorbed to the body is greatly increased, which is likely to cause the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria, which may lead to a variety of diseases in pigs. Ventilation and disinfection are important.
The following points should be paid attention to in the ventilation and disinfection of pig pens in winter:
Timely ventilation
When the temperature is relatively high at noon, open a small gap in the window for 1 hour. According to investigations, virus and bacteria droplets in the air can float for more than 30 hours in a room with no air circulation. If the doors and windows are often opened for ventilation, the dirty air can float away at any time, and the room also gets sufficient light, which makes it difficult for a variety of viruses and germs to breed and multiply.
Regular disinfection
Regular disinfection of the house can promote the healthy growth of pigs. Disinfection drugs should be used in rotation, and the dosage should be determined according to the instructions. Do not increase the dosage without authorization. Before disinfection, it must be thoroughly cleaned. When disinfecting, the ground should be like a drizzle, not too wet (pigs are prone to diarrhea) nor too dry (not able to disinfect), and every corner must be disinfected in place. When disinfecting, let the sprayer be on top of the pig to slowly drop the liquid, and do not spray the liquid directly on the pig.
Prevent icing
It is very difficult to disinfect outside the barn in winter, especially in the disinfection tanks set up when entering the farm and pig barn passages, which may freeze in winter. In this case, you can sprinkle some salt in the disinfectant so that it will not freeze.
In addition, pay attention to frequently changing the disinfectant in the disinfection tank to prevent the expired medicine from reducing or losing efficacy.

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