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Chicken formaldehyde poisoning symptoms


As a kind of disinfectant, formaldehyde can denature protein and present a powerful sterilization effect. It is mainly used for fumigation and disinfection of various items. It can also be used for immersion disinfection and spray disinfection. It can kill reproductive bacteria, and can kill spores, Viruses and molds. But if used improperly, it can cause formaldehyde poisoning.

Causes of chicken formaldehyde poisoning
The main reason is that after fumigation and disinfection with formaldehyde (formalin) and potassium permanganate, there is not enough time to open doors and windows to drain the remaining air. Especially at low temperatures, although there is residual gas without irritating odor, when the temperature of the poultry house rises, the formaldehyde gas evaporates, causing poisoning. It is also seen in the wrong use of formaldehyde to disinfect poultry.
Clinical symptoms of chicken formaldehyde poisoning
In acute poisoning, the chicken is depressed, appetite and drinking appetite are significantly reduced, eyes are watery, photophobic, and eyelids swell. Runny nose, cough, difficulty breathing, and even open mouth to wheeze. In severe cases, obvious narrowing sounds are produced. Yellow-green or green loose stools. Often suffocated to death.
In chronic poisoning, chickens are depressed, lose appetite, weakness, cough, and rales.
Changes in necropsy of chicken formaldehyde poisoning
Swelling of the larynx, lung congestion and edema.
Chicken formaldehyde poisoning diagnosis
1. Medical history investigation: a history of exposure to formaldehyde, a strong pungent smell in the chicken house.
2. Clinical features: There are respiratory irritation symptoms such as tearing, runny nose, dyspnea and wheezing.
3. Necropsy changes: laryngeal edema, pulmonary congestion and edema.
4. Differential diagnosis: differential diagnosis with chronic respiratory disease, infectious bronchitis, etc.
Chicken formaldehyde poisoning prevention
1. The chicken house should be fumigated and disinfected 7 days before entering the chicken. After sealing and disinfecting for 1 day, ventilate the remaining air, increase the temperature of the chicken house, and still have no irritating smell before entering the chicks.
2. Disinfection with chickens is strictly prohibited.
Chicken formaldehyde poisoning treatment
1. Immediately transfer the chickens to a formaldehyde-free chicken house, strengthen ventilation and heat preservation.
2. Application of general antibacterial drugs, such as enrofloxacin, tylosin, etc.

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