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Ten points for examination of sows in farrowing ward


1. the flexibility, posture, overall impression of the sow, and whether the feed tank is empty?

2.the supply of water (nipple drinking fountains provide 1.5 - 2 liters per minute)

3. feed intake: quantity, whether the feed is moldy, sows can stand fully?

4. stool: shiny surface, regular shape, soft texture

5. urine: pay attention to the amount of urine, color, pus

6. skin color, trauma

7. The state of the breast: temperature, softness, hard / soft, and whether or not there is a lump

8. body temperature: normal body temperature of 38.5 - 39 degrees, may be higher in the temperature of the environment. More than 39.5 degrees centigrade means that there may be a fever

9. respiratory frequency: 12 - 30 times per minute. The ventilation problems and elevated temperature (have a fever, too hot in barns will lead to increased respiratory rate).

10. notable abnormalities are vomiting, shyness, excessive abdominal swelling, and rashes


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